(Future) Home Sweet Home


The first year we lived in Charlotte, we would occasionally and half-heartedly look at houses and neighborhoods. I honestly had to stop because it was just depressing to look at houses when you still had your old house that no one was living in on the market and paying for rent.

Once the ink had dried on the closing documents, I decided to dust off my Zillow app on my phone and Carolina Home website. We narrowed down the neighborhoods where we wanted to zero in and find a home. We were on the hunt for a 1800-2200 square foot ranch house in a good school district under $200,000  with open floor plan – only to find there were none where we wanted to be. Now it might sound dramatic, but I promise it’s the truth!! Two story houses abound EVERY where, but no such luck for a Ranch.  So we decided instead of stealing a good deal on an existing house (that didn’t exist), maybe we should consider building.

A few weeks ago, we finally decided on a builder and house plan. We signed our life (and bank account – haha) away to start the process of building. I’m thrilled and really excited about the neighborhood, location, and design of the house. I’ve always joked with JT that I need to be within a 15 minute radius to a Target, Chickfila, and coffee-house. I am happy to report our new house is within 5 minutes of a SUPER Target, Chickfila, Starbucks and local coffee shop - Dilworth Coffee.

We hope to break ground around the last week of July and move in around the middle of October – can’t wait to post pictures and keep you updated on the progress of our little house!

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  2. Hi! I just found your blog and I think that we are building in the same neighborhood. Are you in Laurel Park? If so, we are building a Dorsey Hall on lot 445 (it’s the first one on the right as you enter LP from the back entrance) and we are breaking ground this week. :)


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